YES foundation was founded by Zeeshan and Shariq in 2012 with incubation support from ComMutiny and Changelooms. In 2010 Zeeshan initiated a campaign named “Safe Safar” to make commuting safe for women  by addressing sexual harassment and violence against women in public places, and creating equitable access to different modes of public transport. The success of the campaign gave him strength to start “YEH EK SOCH – YES. It is a youth led organization and has been working with a vision of a society in which young people are informed, empowered, encouraged and supported to participate in marginalized community and for a society where every young person is engaged in powerful, purposeful and positive social change. YES sees itself  as a change agent  willing to generate hope in the minds of young people who have concrete ideas and really want to bring change but are not able realize their ideas and dreams into reality due to   economic, social and political  constraints. Yes does this in the following ways :

  • They Connect – YES binds the youth together to quickly and easily find opportunities to improve quality of life. They understand the power of youth and bridge the gap among youth, society & problem.
  • They Provide –   Knowledge Hub to share resources, tools, and opportunities
  • They Showcase – They weave innovative ideas into social contexts and hope to strengthen the youth for collective action.


Zeeshaan is a post graduate in Social Work and has a Diploma in Electronic Media & Film Production, Zeeshan worked in corporate sector for more than 4 years. He left his job to work in the development sector as a youth facilitator on gender, sexuality and rights with Breakthrough. He also worked in SAHAYOG in its Youth for Change project. Ever since he has endeavored to link up young people on different social issues to develop an analytical skill. He is deeply concerned about gender roles and stereotypes, communal harmony and discrimination and youth participation in active citizenship.

Shariq Ahmad Khan completed his MSW and MA in Sociology and PGD in HIV/AIDS and Family Life Education. Over the period of four years, he has been involved in several renowned projects in the development sector with many national agencies like IPPF, FPAI (Lucknow), UPSAC, UPVHA, SAHYOG, ISRO, PRAVAH, CYC, The Y.P Foundation, Breakthrough, Indian Institute of Toxicology (Lucknow) and Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Medical Research Institute (Lucknow).


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