Our Philosophy 

Humanity is shaped and influenced by its symbolic environment. In today’s world media plays an ever increasing role in forming public opinion. The Commutiny Media Network (CMN) at CYC , is a learning space for organisations to debate, discuss and develop a shared understanding on youth development and active citizenship, and use media to get youth voices expressed and heard at different levels by different stakeholders. CMN is committed to using diverse media to take issues relevant to youth to a wider audience.

Our Approach 

CMN focuses on strategic themes such as Youth Leadership, Youth Identity, Youth Livelihood & Discrimination amongst CMN partner organizations. The network is working to use diverse media to:

• Bring young people’s perspectives and voices on grassroots issues forward.

• Create visibility about how young people are bringing change in society.

In order to make this happen, CMN,

1) Supports and equips youth and youth facilitators to program effectively in the media and public spaces

2) Builds mainstream media partnerships – CMN offers a Media Fellowship for media professionals, inviting them to travel, research and report on youth themes in order to facilitate coverage on youth and youth development issues in the mainstream media.

3) Develops resources to highlight youth issues – in order to bring ‘youth’ to the foreground of public perception. The products/resources under this endeavour would include research and publications, audio-visual resources and new media resources.

CMN works with media professionals youth to create interesting media products that encourage youth facilitators and youth-engaging organisations to undertake 5th Space experiments. These media products range from films, animations, and writings to music, dance and theatre. CMN seeks to establish a network of 5th Space practitioners across the country and organises 5th Space events to showcase these products and 5th Space Advocacy events to create a larger audience for dissemination of the 5th Space concept.


A child wants to fly, but without direction they can stray. They act out or withdraw from everyone when misunderstood. A teacher who loves teaching, teach children to love learning, creating a 5th space to learn from interests and explore themselves to grow up to their full potential.

What happens when you meet someone from a different background? how do you change your stories and perception?
Here’s a short film sharing some of the experience of young people who embarked on a journey on SAMJHO TOH EXPRESS to make friends beyond labels and experience what social inclusion means…

A short animation film around FEELINGS with deeply layered emotions with a touch of humor and how the feelings are attended in today’s society. The film honors the core feelings of love, freedom, growth, ownership and social hope and subtly brings out “How 5th Space is not a philosophy or a theory, it is an experience…where we value feelings more than anything else.

With the advent of smart phones a question arose, why isn’t the youth always on their toes? What are they looking for in the vast wilderness of the internet when there are schools and parents to answer all their doubts?

The movie uses satirical animation to mount a strong critique against the current scenario of political ignorance in the youth which is encouraged by the elders. Weaving it through the thread of the ‘5th space’ idea, it attempts to make politics comprehensible as a 5th space – one that we co-own, co-lead, and co-design. The film takes fun seriously, and does so very sincerely, sending out a crucial message that fun and creativity are not enemies with seriousness. It re-appropriates the oft-heard rhetoric that ‘the youth is useless’ to scythingly assert that we are, in fact and effect, ‘used-less’. Are we also ‘using ourselves less’? Merits a watch and thought.

For more such Exciting and thought provoking videos tune-in to our YOU TUBE CHANNEL- https://www.youtube.com/the5thspace 


For more such Exciting and thought provoking videos tune-in to our YOU TUBE CHANNEL 

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