Manzil is a non-profit organization providing a community and resources for local youth from low-income backgrounds to learn, teach, be creative, and see the world in new ways. Manzil was founded by Ravi Gulati, who runs it from his home in Khan Market. It serves those living in the servant quarters and one-room tenements that cohabitate this affluent area of New Delhi.

Manzil’s journey has been one of constantly discovering the deeper continuities and inter-connectedness of all life, moving on from toddler steps at Kotla, to the youthful strides at Khan Market. Now they also have made bold leaps into the hills of Uttaranchal. It is this thought that infuses the work and vision, and illuminates their understanding of education and empowerment as that which builds connections between the self and social, the personal and the political, the intellectual and the emotional, the rational and the felt, the common and the distinctive, and the ordinary and the sublime. We are all learners here. And like life itself, any Manzil is only a sojourn.

Ravi Gulati is co-founder of Manzil – a dynamic community of children and young people from the age of 7 to 30 that he has built and nurtured since 1997, that strives to help them discover their potential for self and for society. Apart from CYC, he is also a board member of Pravah, a Delhi based NGO involved in promoting youth active citizenship, and Jansamarth, an NGO working in remote Himalayan villages primarily on affordable and sustainable energy solutions through village owned and managed micro-hydro power units. Some of his main interests are education, environment and alternative economics. He is an MBA from IIM, Ahmedabad.


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