Kaivalya Education Foundation (KEF) is a social change organization   founded in 2008 in recognition of the urgent crisis in the current education scenario in India. Government and Public efforts have made great contributions to overcome the crisis by providing school access to the children. Today about 94% of Indian children have gained access to the schools. But despite having access, the quality of education in these schools still remains far from satisfactory.

KEF’s intervention started in 2008 with the focus to transform the quality of education in public schools by providing leadership training to school principals. Since then, Kaivalya partnered with many government, private and educational institutions to impact more than 1235 schools in three states of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra. The two key interventions of Kaivalya are:

  • The School Leadership Development Programme’ (SLDP)- This  aims to train and support school leaders to become outstanding and inspiring role models of their school and community.
  • The Gandhi Fellowship program – This fellowship aims to create a pool of future leaders who understand the realities of the country and are committed to create a large scale systematic change across various disciplines in the future.


Neha Bhatia

With about 10 years of work experience in the corporate and non-profit sector, Neha brings on board a sound exposure in the people development space. Having worked in Training and Development and the Executive Search business in the past, Neha is currently a Program Manager with Gandhi Fellowship- Placement and Alumni Team. Her work involves engaging young leaders to discover, what we call ‘Private Dreams’ and help chalk out a journey towards achieving those dreams. Neha holds a Post Graduate Degree in Commerce (Business Management) from University of Mumbai. Her current interests lie in learning more about human development process where ‘Self’ is the pivot of change.


To know more about Kaivalya foundation , visit http://www.kefindia.org/