About the Game

As we mark 30 years of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child that guarantees survival, protection, development and participation rights to all adolescents, the need of the hour is to create an enabling environment for adolescents for rightful participation. Based on the time and tested pedagogy of gaming, Samvidhan LIVE! Be a Jagrik facilitates the balancing of the rights and duties through lived action and expression, which can unleash the real potential of adolescents and their communities.

Samvidhan Live! Be a Jagrik journey, UNICEF priorities on Child Rights and adolescent participation have been incorporated. Each Fundamental Right under the Constitution of India has been correlated with a corresponding Child Right under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) allowing for a holistic understanding of the term ‘rights’ in the context of both citizens and individuals. The tasks are layered to encourage adolescents to be able to practice Articles 12 and 15 in the UNCRC, and pertinent issues like child marriage, child labour, health, education, nutrition and hygiene have been addressed.

The toolkit brings in a unique blend of the UNICEF Adolescent framework, The UNCRC, The Constitution of India and the Sustainable Development Goals enabling a nuanced understanding of one’s participation as an equal stakeholder in decisions that impact the self, community and the larger world.

How to play

As a playing partner, you should be able to
  • Facilitate the 5 week journey of a cohort through an experiential process
  • Mobilize/identify adolescents who will participate in the five week journey
  • Mentor the leadership journey of jagriks by engaging with them throughout the process where they perform the tasks, enabling them to access platforms and converse with stakeholders as required
  • Facilitate weekly jamghats (reflection sessions as capacitating and reflective spaces to bring out experiences of the tasks)
  • Encourage Jagriks to upload their experiences as online visibility activities on social media
  • Have an understanding of the Constitution and the UNCRC to facilitate discussions and knowledge building of adolescents


If you fulfill the above mentioned parameters and wish to become a Playing Partner with us, write an email to us with your request to info@commutiny.in with details including your name, contact number, your organization (where applicable), thematic areas of work (as applicable), and a paragraph stating why you wish to partner for this initiative.


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