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Pravah Jaipur Initiative (PJI) is a Pravah-led incubation set up in 2007. PJI is a youth-led and youth-centric organization, which offers a non-judgmental, non-threatening space to young people of the city to explore, express and engage on self and social issues. It offers a range of interventions such as: Cafe Mohalla – A space for young people to learn about self and issues Khulla Manch – A programme offering a journey from self to society with intensive processes such a workshops, meetings, internships Fly Peace Campaign – An annual campaign led by young people of Jaipur to bring together people from different walks of life to spread the message of peace – the campaign inspires young people to focus on the uniting lines of ‘us’ i.e. on the more inclusive identity Youth Jumbish – An annual youth festival organized every year to celebrate the spirit and potential of youth for social change). The social issues focused on include unravelling caste based identities, through programs such as Caste in Stone, as well as immersion into gender based identities.

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