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Bewajah Samiti works on Democracy and Education with Adolescents, understand rights, duties and the Constitutional Structure. Using theatre as a medium with adolescents and youth to understand the democratic structure, constitution and how a society works, where each participant learns their rights and duties as a member of a democratic society, through an interactive experience. They conduct workshops using the methods of theatre to create awareness regarding gender empowerment, self-awareness, nonviolence, peace, and social inclusion. Their methods include creating a safe space for expression for the participants, where they begin the process of self-awareness, acknowledging the issues in the context of their personal experience. They focus on re-creating such experiences with the tools of drama during the workshop to enable the participants to understand the issues with more depth. Using theater as a tool helps the audience create their own perspective towards various issues, which provides them the right ways to understand the means of their growth and development and embracing the needs of the world around them and embark on change journey from self to society.

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