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Swatantra Talim, a NGO working in the field of education - for the children, of the children and by the children aims at bridging the gap among children created by socio-economic factors in our country. The organization develops innovative educational methods and material to ignite the innate curiosity in children. Swatantra Talim is founded with the objective of giving children the power to make decisions and be an active part of the learning and education process. Swatantra Talim a non-profit working to co-create every village in India as a “centre of innovation” and every child as an “innovator” facilitating social change The idea is to contribute in improving the educational methodology used in mainstream education of the country, to bring the best in education within the reach of everyone and to support the effort to explore, discover, learn and create. Swatantra Talim believes that children are born curious and should try to enhance this potential rather than binding them in structures. Their aim is to co-create spaces - both mental and physical where children can learn through their own experiences and make their own decisions.

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