Awadh Peoples Forum

Uttar Pradesh

Afaq Address : 176 Kha, Pahadganj, Ghosiyana, Faizabad-224001 UP

Faizabad - 224001

  • +91 967061

About Awadh Peoples Forum

Awadh Peoples forum was established for creating harmony and exclusive community relationship through young people. Their belief is to established human values where no caste no creed is important unless the citizenship. They work with Gram Panchayat & Dilkusha, Railway Colony, Ramnagar, Karam Ali ka Purwa, Wazir ganj and Tanda Ambedkar Nagar in Bunkar community and focus on Youth, Adolescent, children and different working community. They engage their audience through mediums of Community discussion, Film screening, Learning exposure visit, Youth Camps in rural communities, Sports, Study circles, Peace & gender campaign from last 7 years, issue based workshops with youths. Awadh Peoples forum have set up five learning centers in different pockets of Faizabad to build social capacities of youth towards civic participation. All programs at these centers are woven around education and life skills with an aim to build a positive narrative towards social transformation. Over the years they have established credible work relationship with the district administration, civil society organizations and educational institutions.

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