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We Are Young – WAY is a ‘youth-led’ organization registered in 2013. The year 2012 for the founders of WAY started with a realisation of the frustration of young people over the current system, not only in relation to to politics and governance but also over the simplest needs and aspirations of the young people being over looked and also an inspiration from a series of uprising youth-led movements. With a sense of urgency these graduates from a national institute of youth development (RGNIYD) started working individually at their own level to create a youth-led society. Initially the founders went to different educational institutions in their respective states to conduct free life-skills workshops. Within a year founder directors Indrajit and Angana initiated the set up of the formal organization Since, its inception Way has been supported by friends who believed in this mission, many came as participants in the workshops and never left. With its ever increasing volunteer base, over the past one year since its inception WAY has engaged with more than 8,000 young people through its various youth-centric programs to instill active citizenship among the young people through the following programs: An “art for community” development model – To build life skills in young people The Read Signal Campaign – Taking young rganiz’ voice into the larger development framework to raise awareness and collect recommendations from approximately 3000 young people in Guwahati city about ways of combating child labour. The recommendations given by the young people will surely help the concerned government departments use it as an advocacy tool to further implement their objectives.

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