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Urja Ghar (Home of Energy) is a group of young people based in Lambadiya village in the Sabarkantha district of North Gujarat. Held together purely by a commitment to peace, social justice and critical thinking, these young people have sustained their work in 55 villages of Sabarkantha and Banaskantha district of Gujarat and Udaipur district of Rajasthan for over nine years now. The programme was envisioned to develop leadership among the children, youth and women through developing critical thinking on self and the various aspects of life surrounding related to it. In this context that Urja Ghar was formed, by young people committed to using reason, dialogue and creative expression to build a culture of peace through dialogue – dialogue with self and surrounding. Urja Ghar works with children, youth and community uses creative mediums to question the given, the unjust, the violent and builds groups of children and youth who infuse the village and its neighboring areas with the energy of reconstruction. Unlike many, it works both with the marginalized and the dominant sections of society. With the former, it strives to create a platform to promote a culture of dialogue in the place of culture of silence; with the latter it works to build sensitivity and empathy.

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