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De Haath Society works on the concept of collective growth making economic empowerment as an important medium. They work on SHG formation with District Urban Development Authority- this work is going on in two areas, Amausi and Old Lucknow, Chowk. They also train in personality development and focus on team building, cohesion, to minimize the risk of breaking-down of the SHG and ensure sustained growth. Their central idea is to empower the youth, through development of vocational and personality skills, and create a self-sustaining model for socio-economic change. They aspire to create an ecosystem fertile for entrepreneurship by forming SHGs and supporting them. Working in 4 communities, i.e. Radhagram, Wazirbagh, Wazirganj, Kashmiri Mohalla, in Chowk area of Lucknow with unorganized artisans, primarily with zardozi artisans (men and women) in the age group 18 years to 30 years. They focus on being facilitators of participatory community work

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