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Jagrik, West Bengal


Full Name : Siraj
Organisation : Prantakatha
Email :
Jagrik since : 2017
About : Siraj lives in Titagarh, West Bengal. Although, Titagarh is a cauldron for various communities, Siraj lives in a community that is completely Muslim. Now, what always bugged Siraj was that his community was always kept distinctly apart from other communities. The communal differences in Titagarh had been a sore in his eyes for long and the cure for this came in the form of Football. It was a part of the Samvidhan Live! The Jagrik Project – a nationwide initiative designed and anchored by ComMutiny – The Youth Collective (CYC), in collaboration with 22 organizations in 14 states, that is engaging more than 600 youngsters by making them live the Constitution for 5 weeks through various social action tasks.

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