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Facilitator, West Bengal


Full Name : Bappaditya
Organisation : Prantakatha
Email :
Facilitator since : 2016
About : Bappaditya believes that the youth has its own vision in place, “It is developed…futuristic. However, this vision which can prove to be so useful for the society is ignored, marginalised. Prantakatha is a collection of narratives of changes from such marginalised voices.” Started around 2006- 2007, Prantakatha has spread its network to rural places of West Bengal and seeks to connect and inspire youth. “We wish to make them understand that societal work is done for oneself, more than the society. You work towards a better society so that you yourself, along with others, can lead a better life, can dream towards a better future.” Prantakatha has grown since then, from a young man’s vision of awakening the unutilised potential of young people to a formal organisation that runs programmes to develop leadership skills, help youngsters to find strong economic footing, sensitising people about gender issues etc. Bappaditya recalls many such success stories where he felt he was able to take a step forward towards achieving his vision.

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