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In India, every fifth person is an adolescent (10-19 years) and every third person is young (10-24 years). This large cohort of young people represents a great demographic dividend with the potential to contribute to India’s economic growth and development. In order to realize this and their own potential to the fullest, young people must be empowered and enabled with capacities, skills and knowledge, so that they could take action that would contribute to their communities and the country’s socio-economic growth. At the same time they need the appropriate space and ambience to explore their own identities and develop themselves even as they act to change the world.

The 2016 Youth Forum of the Economic and Social Council, convened in New York from 1-2 February 2016, came at a timely moment as the world has to come together to turn the bold dreams and ground-breaking ambition of the 2030 Agenda into tangible results for the benefit of all. The Youth will play a leading role in implementing the Agenda and its ambitious goals on Sustainable Development . As a people centered endeavor, the SDGs will be measured by their successes in advancing the well-being of all and ensuring that no one is left behind. As the discussions at the Youth Forum amply highlighted, Youth will be crucial in translating this vision into reality.

Commutiny The Youth Collective along with its partners, wishes to inspire young people towards this agenda through a reality check game called Un-Earth. The game will be played with adolescents( 13 -19years) to make them understand how to live the Sustainable Development Goals .Learning through games is a proven and time tested pedagogy and recently the CYC had co-created and run a similar game for the youth to live the constitution in the streets of villages and towns of the country, which became a super success. The game will provide an unforgettable experience through an immersion into the reality of Sustainable Development.

Un-Earth will be played over 8 weeks. The groups will meet together for approximately 4 hours each week. After an orientation in the first 2 weeks the young people will choose and perform short refl-action tasks (reflection + action) tasks in teams and as individuals at three different levels of difficulty that will earn them graded points. These tasks have been curated under the buckets of Social, Environmental and Economic. In some rounds, the teams will perform tasks on their own and in others they will have to collaborate with each other. The experience of performing these tasks and the outcomes will be shared with and vetted by peers at the weekly meetings of all teams called Jamghats.

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