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Samvidhan LIVE! - Be a Jagrik

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About the game

ComMutiny The Youth Collective along with a coalition of over 30 civil society organisations came together to run Samvidhan LIVE – Be a Jagrik, across 16 states of the country. The coalition partners work with a diverse cross­section of young people – urban, rural, college graduates, drop outs, dalits, tribals and religious minorities. Through this process the initiative has brought out the voices of youth from diverse and marginalised sections of population and shared the lived experience of the Constitution. Designed in the format of a real­life simulation, Samvidhan LIVE has created a platform for young people to live the ground realities of the Constitution, be aware of their fundamental rights, understand the significance of their fundamental duties, and imbibe the values enshrined in the Constitution of India. Over 480 young Jagriks (Jagrik = Jagruk (aware) + Nagrik (citizen)) around the country, engaged through 22 organisations, have come together for this unusual game, and to address their quest for fun and learning.

Game Play

The game is played across five weeks, by any number of pairs of Jagriks. Each Jagrik pair via the roll of dice, picks cards that asks them to perform real life social action tasks within their homes and communities. These tasks are designed to expose them to contitutional rights and duties in our daily lives. Successful completion of tasks fetches points. The aim of the game is to maximize points, but through collaboration between Jagrik pairs rather than competing with each other.

The Jagrik Survey: The Jagriks undertake a survey at the beginning and the end of their journey. The survey quantifies the impact in terms of shifts in their levels of constitutional literacy before and after playing the game. In addition, to successfully complete the process, each jagrik has to conduct the jagrik survey in their communities as part of their Samvidhaan Live experience.

Read more about the survey and 2018 Jagrik Survey results here

On successful completion, all participants are awarded a certificate by CYC.

Register and Play

All registered Jagriks will get access to:

1. An Audio-Visual guide about the priniciples and rules of the game.

2. A downloadable PDF kit of the game

3. An instruction manual

4. Access to the online 'Jagrik Samvidhan Survey' form

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