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Be a Jagrik – Samvidhan LIVE!...Live the SDGs

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About the game

The common story for all Indians is The Constitution of India. It is the one thread that binds us all with the values of liberty, justice, equality and fraternity. It leads us towards a society of optimum good for all, by awarding all citizens fundamental rights, and expecting them all to do their fundamental duties. However, in today’s reality fundamental duties are always left out of national discourses. To bring back the focus equally on rights and duties, we need to pin our aspirations on a missing piece of value - the value of fraternity. Unfortunately, fraternity, or loving each other cannot be legislated. We believe that to tilt the balance back, and give duties their rightful place, every citizen has a key role to play. A citizen who is aware and active through constitutional literacy.

There is yet another common story to look out for – the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),which we can call it the Constitution of the world. The 2016 Youth Forum of the Economic and Social Council, convened in February that year, to turn the bold dreams and ground-breaking ambition of the 2030 Agenda into tangible results. Achieving the SDGs isn’t about meeting targets, it is about the dream we have for our world just like the constitution. A dream that is very much about liberty, justice, equality and a dream that cannot see fruition without fraternity. Constitutional literacy and acting for our rights and performing our duties, cannot be left to social studies text books. For our youth, to understand the Constitution and the SDGs, it needs to be lived - the world should be their classroom.

Game Play

‘Be a Jagrik – Samvidhan LIVE!...Live the SDGs’. brings together two ‘constitutions’ - The Constitution of India and the Constitution of the World. Through a board game and a refl-active journey the initative bridges the gap between text books and reality. It aims to enable young aware and active citizens or Jagriks, live and experience the SDGs and the rights and duties enshrined in the Indian Constitution. As the Jagriks undertake exciting self and community action projects on-ground, they also take their powerful voice for change into the world. Through spinning of a bottle and rolling of a dice, the Jagriks will get experiential tasks to understand the Indian Constitution and SDGs. The initiative through this game will also collect promises of young people and connect to relevant duty bearers to hold them accountable for the roles they have to play towards nation building.

The current status (Dec 2018)

The public initiative will take adolescents and youth across the country through a leadership journey while evolving their capacities on constitutional literacy, sustainable development, access to services and participation in decision making process. Spread across 14 states and 32 partners, 1550 Jagriks will directly engage with civic action through a constitutional setup, supported by the Constitution of the world and will further reach out to 50,000 young people. This cohort of vibrant citizens, one that is engaged, responsible, constitutionally aware will be able to better navigate through real life challenges within the constitutional framework. It will create an online footprint of 5 million impressions and will enable online learning and sharing space for young people to engage and converge with the four pillars of democracy.

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