My Journey- From self to others

"Through my engagement with prantakatha I have learnt about how to create spaces where everyone can understand each other and share their feelings"

Blog 1 - Demo

FarmPreneur Programme was selected for presentation at Workshop on school leadership development for system level officials conducted by National Institute of Educational Planning and Administratio

My blog - my experiences in the field

Adding to the season of  cheer we would like to celebrate the super strides our Be A Jagrik initiative is making through our partners.

‘Be a Jagrik- Samvidhan LIVE!.., Live the SDGs’ begins

On 2nd October 2018, the international day of non-violence, ComMutiny  – The Youth Collective launched ‘Be a Jagrik! Samvidhan Live !..

Be A Jagrik National Celebration Event

Commutiny- the Youth Collective organised a National Celebration Event – Samvidhan LIVE- Be A Jagrik in collaboration with Pravah on 26 February 2019.

Conversations beyond tags: Be a Jagrik facilitates dialogue amongst young people about ‘self’ & the ‘other’

One of the most striking and beautiful features of our country is the diversity it carries and this diversity stands on many grounds- multiple languages and dialects, religions, regions, ethnicitie

From speaking to sanitation workers to visiting all places of worship, Be A Jagrik prepares youth to be active & aware citizens

Saloni Singh had never noticed the hard work done by safai karamcharis – the people who clean up her school – until she started playing a game called Be A Jagrik.