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ComMutiny The Youth Collective is an association of youth led and youth engaging organizations across India working towards promoting empowering spaces for youth leadership, called the 5th Space.

Our hypothesis is that there are four legitimate ‘spaces’ that young people primarily occupy, namely family, livelihood or education, friends, and leisure. While much of their time is spent in these spaces, more often than not these spaces are not governed by them. Beyond these four spaces, there is another space called ‘The 5th Space’ that young people also occupy, where they truly discover themselves as they engage in social action. It is a space that young people govern and take leadership in. An exciting, adventurous, safe space that equips young people to understand themselves, address conflicts, build cross-border relationships, clarify their values / stances and stand up for their rights as well as those of the larger community.

'ComMutiny stands for the first 'mutiny' within as a young person that comes from working in communities which are ‘different’ from oneself. It is symbolic of the fact the social  and systemic transformation cannot happen without  personal transformation, which is  best facilitated by continuous exploration, reflection and navigating self and social challenges in relation to  the real world. ComMutiny - The Youth Collective (CYC) is working towards building vibrant eco-systems and youth-centric spaces  which  we call the 5th Space. The 5th Space is a space that exists beyond and between the 4 legitimate spaces occupied by youth that is Family, Friends, Education / Career and Recreation .These  erstwhile spaces for youth are more often than not governed by others,  the rules of these spaces and the norms are not set by young people. The 5th Space alternatively is co-governed by youth and the youth facilitators and rejects the instrumentalist view towards young people. It focuses on transforming young people by engaging them in deep self exploration and supporting their social action experiments  to become changemakers and active citizens (Jagriks) of their communities, their nations, the planet and the larger Universe. The 5th Space nurtures social inclusion, holistic development and fosters social hope by promoting feelings of freedom, ownership, love and learning and growth'.

A window to the 5th Space is offered in this short spunky animation 18 Till I Die.

CYC is a collective of over 35 youth led and youth engaging organisations and youth development practitioners who work directly with adolescents and youth. CYC focuses on enhancing the youth work field through a three pronged strategy described below:

  1. Aggregating and value adding to 5th Spaces - Collectivising some of the best youth-centric organizations and youth-work practitioners in the country into an effective collaborative eco-system. These organizations represent a large cross section of a very diverse youth population in both urban and rural areas.  We host regular consultations and conclaves for learning, programming, partnerships and collective decision making for the collective. Together with Pravah we were among the 4 finalists od the Jubilant Bharatia Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award.
  2. Architecting 5th Spaces - Creating over 150 5th Space media and learning products that act as capacity building toolkits for youth engaging organisations and youth workers. These include films, books, research, graphic novels, music albums and different kinds of learning resources for on ground and online engagement and impact. We have been a recipient of the prestigious PVR  Nest award for communications. Some of our best examples are described below:
    1. A Disease that Cures - On the role of feelings in a number driven world. This film has received at least five prestigious national and international awards
    2. A Class of Rowdies-   On  the  5th Space approach to education in schools. This film went viral and has over  10 million views aggregated on different platforms.
    3. Games v/s Play -  On  how big sporting events like the World Cup have a dark underbelly of child abuse and trafficking. This film was commissioned to us by DKA Austrian and their Brazilian partner  and shown  in Austria and Brazil in the run up to the world cup.
    4. Keep the Change - Is a research that emphasizes that infrastructural, legal and policy changes alone are not enough to make lasting change. It makes a case for psycho social interventions with young people to create mind set shift for positive change.
    5. Gloom to Bloom – This graphic novel demonstrates how the Changelooms youth Leadership program was transformed by using the principles of the 5th Space and focusing on nurturing five feelings of ownership, love, freedom, growth nourish social hope among young people and in society.
    6. Challenger Deep – A 5th Space competency Framework for youth facilitators - Is a tool developed in partnership with the Commonwealth Secretariat, Pravah, Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development (RGNIYD) and Restless Development. The tool is designed to aid the development journey of a youth workers as it enables them to map their leadership level with inputs from peers, supervisors, mentors, juniors and self through the continuum of their journey.
  3. Amplifying 5th Spaces - Design and facilitation of large scale powerful public initiatives and youth leadership  journeys that are run  collectively across the country reaching nearly approximately 200,000 on ground and approximately 20,00,000 online over the last 5 years. We have received the Digital Empowerment Award for our public initiatives and campaigns. Some of our best campaigns are described below:
    1. Must Bol  - A  campaign  against gender based violence in partnership with P4P, UNWomen and UNFPA was quoted  as a landmark campaign to be replicated by other groups in an American Center world wide call for proposals. Young people made 60  short films  with guidance from experts after an in depth immersion on understanding  issues of gender based violence. They used these films as  campaign material to create a deep conversations on changing social norms with different communities. While the program itself had a transformative  impact on the young people in the journey, their voice and their actions created a powerful new discourse in the youth work field itself. These films are now used as powerful content for many of the leading programs in the country on issues of GBV and VAW. The entire playlist is available on the Must Bol Channel.
    2. My Space ..My unManifesto   - A campaign to enhance young peoples participation in democracy in partnership with UNFPA was considered by many as a first of its kind initiative to crowd source a youth manifesto  which was presented to 100 representatives of  leading political parties. The campaign was also presented at various youth and civil society and the UN and Commonwealth platforms and  received wide acclaim. Watch how young people amplify their voice on governance issues in The Tipping point of Democracy.
    3. Changelooms within -  A leadership program run in partnership with Pravah and other members of the collective to support 100 social entrepreneurs working on different issues of inclusion  supported by DFID, PACS. CYC also did a unique campaign on wheels called Bus! Stop Discrimination Now which  was designed as a bus journey across three cities  in the country with simulation games and dialogue cafes both inside the bus during the journey and outside it on site in learning locations.
    4. Samjhotoh Express: Friendship Beyond Labels - A leadership journey to inspire young people to address different forms of identity based discrimination in society supported by Misereor and Oxfam India. Watch what happened in  this journey in our film Jab We Let   where we used the power of cross border friendships to break the divides.
    5. Samvidhan Live! The Jagrik Project  - A learning journey of active citizens ( Jagriks) to learn about and live the values enshrined in  the Constitution of India  through powerful self and social action projects in their communities. Key partners are Misereor, DKA, Oxfam India. This won the prestigious award for digital campaigning and media   by the Digital Empowerment Foundation and was covered my both national and regional media and Lok Sabha TV doing a one hour program to showcase the actions and advocacy by the Jagriks. The Jagriks made an appeal to the public representatives and shared their experience and insights in  An Open Letter To The  President.

Our ongoing plans:

a) Support National and International level organisations to promote youth centric development through design of high impact public initiatives and co creation of powerful media offerings.

b) To create a powerful digital media platform as well as an aggregating platform for reliable data generation and studies to contribute accurate information to the state of the youth reports for government and international organisations and to support to the sector.

c) Create a cadre of youth facilitators and nurture association of youth workers for their personal and professional growth and the recognition of the field.

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