Beyond the received wisdom of family, hanging out with friends, in leisure or at college / workplace, young people need another space which allows them to create their own understanding of the world - to understand themselves, develop, and grow.

We call this the 5th space. It is a space where young people develop a psycho-social worldview, which answers the question "Who are we" ? (we as in humans – a social species) as opposed to "Who am I" ?

In today’s world, where there are few secular, non-commercial spaces to "hang out", meet others, share opinions and views and take action, there is an urgent need to create such 5th spaces.

Samvidhan Live – Be a Jagrik, is such a 5th Space

The movie uses satirical animation to mount a strong critique against the current scenario of political ignorance in the youth which is encouraged by the elders. Weaving it through the thread of the '5th space' idea, it attempts to make politics comprehensible as a 5th space - one that we co-own, co-lead, and co-design.