Bas!Stop Discrimination Right Now ! was an innovative mobile campaign designed to address issues of social exclusion. The campaign was jointly run by ComMutiny-The Youth Collective (CYC), Pravah and UK Government’s Department for International Development, DFID’s Poorest Areas Civil Society (PACS) programme as a part of the Changelooms initiative shared above.

The Bas Stop discrimination program was aimed creating new conversations and opportunities for individuals counter the discrimination and social exclusion in our society. It was also aimed to amplify grassroots action, build mainstream awareness and co create dialogues with change leaders on new ways of creating a more inclusive society. The objective was to make social inclusion visible as a theme to bring it to the mainstream dialogue, and support young change leaders committed to this cause.

To create the experience and visibilise this program we had a bus that was designed on the inside and outside on the theme of social inclusion. The inside of the bus was designed as an exhibition space where the youth traveling in the bus were able to engage with various media such as:

  • Poster/photo exhibitions put up on social inclusion
  • Books/articles and reading material on the theme of social exclusion and inclusion
  • Curated films on social exclusion topics and issues
  • Music through selected playlists that were centered around the ideas of self; identities etc for instance Kabir music. Through these journeys participants got an opportunity to
    • Build an understanding of social inclusion/ exclusion
    • Break stereotypes and challenge existing notions about different identities.
    • Identify the anatomy of exclusion
    • Amplify changeloomers’ social inclusion initiatives
    • Pledge for social inclusion


  • Kanak Garg, Participant from Motilal Nehru College, Delhi


With curves that brightened the staircase,
And warmth in the voice of those budding kids.
Today, I experienced a new insight.
They filled my not-so-bright world with light!

When on one hand, with souls trapped in bodies,
We make an attempt to live our lives;
I see them with bare hands and feet,
Unaware of any trivial deprives.
They know of life much more than I do,
Eyes full of innocence, they speak volumes!
They’ve mastered the art of dreaming,
Sabina will be a cop; Alisha, a doctor.
Least concerned about the burning realities;
Hope, is all they are holding on to.
A hope, they have in us!

And as I sit down on the terrace of the ‘Jamghat’,
The chilly wind makes me shiver down to the core.
Thinking deeply about the gymnosperms,
I feel overwhelmed!


  • Victoria Ball, Australian volunteer with बस! Stop Discrimination Right Now

“Yesterday my eyes were opened to seeing public spaces in a new way. The team showed me how valuable the public space can be, and how easily we can all take notice of danger and discomfort, and make changes so we can all share in the best of city life together. Thanks Youth Collective for putting the day together.”

  • Madeline Anderson, Australian volunteer with बस! Stop Discrimination Right Now

“During our trip with People for Parity we learnt about gender based violence (GBV). I always viewed GBV as harassment and physical abuse. However I am now challenged in new ways as I view GBV in terms of dangerous and limiting gender roles being enforced in many aspects of life. Through the bus trips undertaken on the 4th and 5th of February I learnt a lot about spaces and mobility. In such a diverse city it was amazing to visit contrasting places and look at how spaces are utilised and how safe you can feel in them. For lots of people space is a luxury and I hope that as the election comes up that we can look forward to an efficient, diverse and accessible city for everyone.”

  • Tanushree Agrawal, बस! Stop Discrimination Right Now participant

Dear bus,

It was a great ride we both had today with each other. The other passengers added so many new perspectives which made my day happier and also etched a lot of learning in my diary of memories. I wanted to share that, what i felt during the visit was special and memorable. I got to know lot of things about life from those little kids and it also broke my stereotypes in respect of source of happiness. Now I feel the happiness and love they have even for the people who are total strangers to them like us was so adorable. And that happiness and love is no where found in our daily materialistic desires and so called basic needs. I also want to tell you that I felt disabled at the same time, as I know that despite the fact, which I know now, that the real source of happiness lie somewhere else but I still can’t avail it due to myself built constraints. However, now when I m conscious about it. I assure you that I will make significant efforts to bring change in me at least. I also want to thank the facilitators who made our journey all the more beautiful and reflective. I will always remember you and keep telling people what I learned and experienced today.

Thank you for everything.