SamjhoToh – Samvidhan Live! Dialouges

 “I disapprove of what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say” – Voltaire

Youth are at the forefront of receiving diverse narratives and pushed to form opinions quickly in this fraught atmosphere in the country. We believe that dialogue has been sidelined and it has created many walls such that we are not able to listen to each other. In this context, our attempt is to move the narrative, from points of views to viewing points. We forget the one common story that binds us – The Constitution of India. Shared experiences, collaboration and dialogue are necessary to weave the diversity of this country into an idea(s) of India.

According to the study by the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS), 53% of the Indian youth felt that people have become less tolerant about listening to the views of others (Kumar, 2019).

So here are some questions for you to think about:

In the current context of India, have you felt the pressure of taking sides and cornered for having one?

Do you frequently get into heated discussions with your family and friends due to differences in political opinions?

Have you ever been labelled ‘leftist’ ‘rightist’ ‘liberal’ ‘fascist’ or ‘apolitical’?

If the answer for any of the above questions is yes, then this is totally for you!
Co-create and experience a space that encourages:

2) Unpacking, where the stance/ view that one holds true, comes from.

1) People from diverse political ideologies to have a healthy dialogue

3) Practicing deep listening and re-discovering the lost common ground.
Well, the biggest surprise is that it’s not a round table! In fact, music and other art forms will be integral to the whole experience. 

Youth Collective and Pravah have come together with an exciting new initiative #SamjhoToh– a 6 week journey of stepping into participatory citizenship… where we will do all of it with lots of love, laughter and music.

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