Coordinator – Public initiative and partnerships

ComMutiny – The Youth Collective (CYC) is a forum of nearly 30 youth led and youth engaging organizations that work in collaboration to promote youth leadership by architecting and promoting what we call ‘The 5th Space’. CYC’s main objective is to strengthen youth engaging organizations by offering them a platform to have an impact on a larger scale across the country using creative media and campaign strategies.
Our main program through which we architect and promote 5th spaces is Commutiny Media that seeks to create a learning space for organisations to debate, discuss and develop a shared understanding on youth development and active citizenship. We use media to get youth voices expressed and heard at different levels by different stakeholders. Through conceptualization, creation and dissemination of a wide range of diverse media products CMN promotes the idea of youth development through a 5th Space lens and bring this concept into the mainstream, building dialogue, conversation and demand for 5th Spaces. We have designed some of the most innovate and high impact public initiatives for young people, including My Space, My Manifesto focusing on youth participation in democrary, MustBol, a campaign against gender based violence, and Bas! Stop Discrimination Right Now, Samjho Toh Express on social inclusion and justice and Samvidhan LIVE! The Jagrik Project on constitutional literacy. Our 5th Space films have also gained popularity with young people and many have been featured in film festivals and won awards.
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Job Title: Coordinator- Public initiative and partnerships
Location: New Delhi
The primary role will be to guide, develop and implement the public initiative strategy, strengthen and expand the existing partnerships and also support the visibility function to ensure excellent implementation and aggregation.
marketing programs and strategy for the projects
As Coordinator – Public initiative and partnerships, you will:
1. Anchor and co-lead the 5th Space public initiatives with CYC forum partners, collaborators and donors. During the course of the journey support in achieving the program goals, including on ground and online outreach numbers with support from the CYC forum partners, the executive team and champions.
2. Collaborate with CYC forum partners to carry the excitement about the public initiative forward pan India and amplify with support from national and International partners.
3. Support the team in fundraising activities by contributing in writing parts of the new proposals, developing 5th Space products and merchandise for fundraising, visibility​, networking, dissemination etc.
4. Represent the organization to share about 5th Space experiments and various public initiatives at various regional, national and international fora.
5. Support the dissemination and visibility team by providing institutional leads.
6. Co-anchor few partnerships/collaborations to advocate for 5th Space; design and facilitation of sessions, workshops, events, conferences etc. wherever possible with support from the team.
7. Support Dissemination and Social Media team by participating in digital outreach through Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/YouTube to amplify 5th Space media products, public initiatives and events.
8. Actively participate and contribute to all the organizational processes and meetings.

We are looking for you if you:

• Have 3-5 years of relevant educational background and experience. Knowledge of youth sector and youth programming will be an asset.
• Have a curious, creative and analytical bent of mind and a deep interest and commitment in adolescent and youth work and youth issues.
• Are well read and connected to social developments at the national and global level.
• Are open to learning, take responsibility, have the ability to think out of the box and have a deep people orientation and a desire to lead.
• Have excellent written and oral communication skills. Great story telling ability and enjoy creative writing
• Have good administrative and coordination skills and a positive orientation and cheerful disposition
• Are flexible about working on weekends when required

People with experience in social and youth development, creative communication, media & advocacy around social issues will be preferred. However, we welcome people from all backgrounds to apply.
Please send the following to The last date of application is 5th June 2018
To apply please send us the following:
1. Cover letter (maximum 1 page) highlighting your experience related to the post you have applied for, and your CV (not more than 3-4 pages)
2. Your current emoluments and expected salary
3. Kindly indicate the position you are applying for in the subject line of your email/letter
4. A writing sample indicative of your writing style and field of interest


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