1. Common Wealth Secretariat

The Commonwealth Secretariat provides guidance on policy making, technical assistance and advisory services to Commonwealth member countries. They support governments to help achieve sustainable, inclusive and equitable development. To Know more about Commonwealth Secretariat visit http://thecommonwealth.org/about-us
2.  DKA (Austria)

DKA Austria is the development cooperation agency of Katholische Jungschar– the Catholic Children’s Movement of Austria.
Every year, children dress up as the Three Wise Men and go from house to house after Christmas spreading the message of the gospel. The donations collected by the children are used to support people committed to a fairer world. Together with partner organisations, DKA Austria strives for a decent life, free from exploitation and poverty, for all people. To know more about DKA visit https://www.dka.at/english/about-us/

3I partner (SACCF)

Southasian Children’s Cinema Forum (SACCF) is a cross-border network of film industry, film festival, film education professionals and organisations committed to nurturing a dynamic children’s film industry in the region. To Know more about SACCF visit http://www.childrensfilmsouthasia.org/about/

4. India Development Service (IDS)

India Development Service is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting economic and social development in India. Founded in 1974, IDS has helped fund over 220 projects in more than 22 states benefiting over 220,000 people. To know more about IDS visit http://idsusa.org/


o enable marginalized and oppressed women in rural and urban areas with awareness and action for rights, Jagori undertakes training, documentation, grassroots action research, advocacy and campaigning in partnership with stakeholders including individual women and their partners, community members, civil society representatives, and other state/ institutional actors. To Know more about Jagori visit http://www.jagori.org/

6. Misereor

MISEREOR is the German Catholic Bishops’ Organisation for Development Cooperation. For over 50 years MISEREOR has been committed to fighting poverty in Africa, Asia and Latin America. MISEREOR’s support is available to any human being in need – regardless of their religion, ethnicity or gender. To Know more about Misereor visit https://www.misereor.org/

7. Oxfam India

Oxfam India is a rights based Non Profit organization working in India since 1951. We work with the most marginalized and weaker sections of society to provide Gender Equality, Child Education, Access to Free Medicines, Emergency Response and Prevent Women and Girls from violence. To know more about OXFAM India visit https://www.oxfamindia.org


The Poorest Areas Civil Society (PACS) programme was an initiative of the UK Government’s Department for International Development (DFID). Its aim was to reduce the welfare gap between socially excluded groups and the rest of the population by helping socially excluded communities to claim their rights and entitlements more effectively. To know more about PACS  visit http://www.pacsindia.org/about_pacs/who-we-are

9. Partners for Prevention

Partners for Prevention(P4P) is a UNDP, UNFPA, UN Women and UNV regional joint programme for the prevention of violence against women and girls in Asia and the Pacific. The joint programme brings together the combined strengths of the four UN agencies, along with governments and civil society, to promote and implement more effective violence prevention programmes and policies. To Know more about P4P visit http://www.partners4prevention.org/

10. Pravah

Pravah is an organization based in New Delhi, India that works with young people to impact issues of social justice through youth citizenship action. We work with adolescents, youth and diverse groups like youth organizations and institutions working directly with young people. To know more about Pravah visit- pravah.org

11. Sir Ratan Tata Trust

Sir Ratan Tata Trust (SRTT) is one of the oldest philanthropic institutions in India. It was set up in 1919 in accordance with the will of Sir Ratan Tata, the younger son of Tata group Founder Jamsetji Tata, a year after his demise. The Trusts implement initiatives for the communities and also support development initiatives by partnering with civil society organisations in the areas of education, health, rural livelihoods and communities, arts, craft and culture, and civil society and governance. Apart from bestowing institutional grants, the Trusts also support individuals through grants for education and medical relief. To know more about SRTT visit http://www.tatatrusts.org/article/inside/About-Sir-Ratan-Tata-Trust


UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, is the lead UN agency for delivering a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe, and every young person’s potential is fulfilled. To know more about UNFPA visit http://india.unfpa.org/en/unfpa-india


UNIFEM is the women’s fund at the United Nations. It provides fi nancial and technical assistance to innovative programmes and strategies to foster women’s empowerment and gender equality. Placing the advancement of women’s human rights at the centre of all of its efforts, UNIFEM focuses on reducing feminised poverty; ending violence against women; reversing the spread of HIV/AIDS among women and girls; and achieving gender equality in democratic governance in times of peace as well as war. To know more about UNIFEM visit http://www.unifem.org


The Unniti Foundation provides grants to individuals, projects, and organizations in India and Nepal. The Foundation serves to fund work directed toward the alleviation of poverty through the enhancement of skills and opportunities for productive endeavors. Its special focus is on helping women and girls and on building the institutional and management capacity of voluntary organizations. To Know more about UNNITI visit http://unnitifoundation.org

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