Social Inclusion

It can be irrefutably said that most differences arise from misunderstandings between two people, and the communities they belong to. And these misunderstandings are often the result of a series of divides that already exist between two individuals. These so … Read More

Why Volunteering in between jobs is a great idea?

Shannon Yarbrough, an interactive media specialist from Atlanta, USA has experienced a number of layoffs in a period of four years. With each layoff she went into a donward spiral, feeling emotions ranging from elation to anxiety. Afer her last one, … Read More

Conditions Apply**- A revised Preamble?

WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA*, * On behalf of all plants, animals, rivers, mountains of this land And on behalf of all our forefathers and our future generations,having solemnly resolved to constitute India** **as a decentralized collective of groups, tribes, … Read More

Simplifying the Constitution

The word “Constitution” reminds most of us of a boring Civics lesson. We’d yawn in the middle, and let half the information slip out of our head. Eventually, we write exams, get a degree, get a job, and forget all about … Read More

When Gandhi and Ambedkar smiled together

Gandhi and Ambedkar (as far as I know) never fully got along with each other – they had massive disagreements throughout their life.Today, somewhere, far far above in the heavens, they are both looking at India. And they both have … Read More

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