Audacious Dreams Foundation (ADF), India aims to inspire, inform, engage, enable and empower youth for global understanding and sustainable development by using various measures starring from mutual dialogue, education, sports, rural development, policy making, adolescent health, environment, women empowerment, social entrepreneurship, vocational training etc.

ADF was established in 2007 as grassroots initiative and registered in 2012 as social/trust organisation. It has been working for the betterment of youth in India by delivering various youth development initiatives at national and local level by working with organisations, universities, schools, communities across India.

ADF is working with many global, regional, national organisations, inter governmental agencies, International NGOs, governments, for the development of youth, contributing for influential global policies, mainstreaming youth participation to achieve sustainable development goals etc.

ADF is experienced in working on diversified projects with United Nations Organisation (UNO), Commonwealth networks, SAARC, Rotary International and The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Association.

The programmes and activities at ADF include:

1. Youth Resource Centre (YRC): Holistic development of youth sector in the theme of “Develop Youth for Development”.

2. Sports for Development and Peace (SDP): Using sports as tool for youth development with the aim of reducing school dropout and promoting higher education.

3. Study Abroad and Experiential Learning (SEAL): Opportunity to practice Incredible India with cultural, social, vocational and professional exposure and experiential learning.

4. Youth and Governance: Mainstreaming youth’s role in participatory governance and democracy.

5. Global Understanding and Sustainable Development (GUSD): Mainstreaming youth participation at the international level by various measures such as organising international exchange, interstate/country cultural forums, cross country youth forums, policy making at international level to raise youth voice and strengthening “Be Seen, Be Heard”.

6. Volunteer – Innovate – Participate (VIP) : VIP (Volunteer – Innovate – Participate) is a service learning programme to inspire youth for nation building by empowering themselves and community around through doing social innovations/contributions.

VIP promotes participatory learning through volunteerism. VIP sets platform to inspire change making young people to work together towards a sustainable society by making a difference by identifying new ways of achieving life goals. Youth can empower themselves by learning and serving the community.

7. Vocational and Skill Development (VSD): Develop various vocational skills for employability and livelihood by promoting entrepreneurship and social enterprises.

8. Women Empowerment: Running paramedical nursing training institution to promote higher educational opportunities for rural young adolescent women volunteers.

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