For something that seeks to go beyond boundaries, the idea of Anhad was seeded in a 5th space called Pravah  Anhad Pravah was incubated by Shilpa Jhawar, a former team member of Pravah in 2013.

Anhad Pravah aims to be a space where young people can avail structured exposure opportunities such as workshops, internships, clubs, volunteering and also hang out, interact, learn, access information, experiment, build relationships with people beyond borders of caste, creed, gender and region.

Anhad Pravah recognizes an urgent need to create a space where young people simultaneously engage with their community, understanding its influence on them and vice versa, and are able to make informed choices. Its programmes include:

1. Malwa Kabir Yatra – rural community exposures using Kabir and his legacy as a role model and a metaphor or peace and coexistence.

2. Youth Adda – offers young people valuable exposure, using the context of social issues for building leadership skills. Anhad has also deeply engaged with programs such as Unmanifesto Campaign (promoting youth participation in governance) and Caste in Stone (understanding caste based discrimination). It is also a member of the Pravah Streaming Collective and Changelooms.

Shilpa Jhawar has been involved in the field of youth development over the last 13 years through leadership interventions and psychological counselling. She has worked extensively with the corporate sector on designing and facilitating HR and OD interventions with organisations such as Airtel, Bausch and Lomb amongst others.  She is so busy weaving dreams that she can lose herself anytime, anywhere and in anything.

You can learn more about Anhad Pravah here:  Website | Facebook