Alliance for Liberty, Fraternity and Advancement (ALFA)  was started in December 2006 in Udaipur district, a predominantly tribal district of Rajasthan. The organisation was founded by Lokesh Kalal, a young social activist with incubation and mentoring support from Changelooms.

ALFA’s aim is to provide opportunities to youth from backward districts for self-exploration and self-expression. It endeavours to bring together the youth in Kherwara block of Udaipur to bring  awareness among them about the society they live in – its social, economic and political issues.

ALFA also believes that art, culture, educational institutions and other such public platforms are the best medium to create leadership and social transformation. It works on issues of youth leadership, girls’ education, women empowerment, communal harmony and governance. It offers a range of programmes:

1. Sanjha Manch – A unique opportunity for adolescents and youth to socialise and learn about themselves and issues in an environment free of discrimination.

2. Friendship Cup – An annual cricket tournament, actively bringing together teams and players from both Hindu and Muslim religions, serving as a true example of communal harmony. Before the commencement of the tournament, discussions are held with all the participating teams on the issues of universal peace and on developing an understanding of the ‘other’.

3. Other initiatives – ALFA focuses on sustainable community development by motivating youth to influence change in their rural communities. This is done through the power of education and discussion of social issues in an open space that is free from religious and caste bias.

ALFA believes that if a proper medium for interaction can be developed among  youth, it will make life better for many people and bring about a significant social change.. It also runs an English Language Action Program and brings out Youth Express, a quarterly publication.

Lokesh Kalal started ALFA in 2005 with Jahid Makrani, his lifelong friend.  He faced many struggles in starting a local NGO. His family and friends were skeptical of the low income and only a few people appreciated the work he was trying to accomplish in his hometown.

Lokesh previously worked with Seva Mandir where he gained knowledge about running a sustainable NGO. Lokesh prides himself as a man of values. These values include accountability, responsibility and always having an open mind. Lokesh was a Commutineer from 2009 to 2011. He has a Master’s degree in Sociology.

You can learn more about ALFA here:

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