ComMutiny   stands for the first ‘mutiny’ within as a young person that comes from working in communities which are ‘different’ from oneself. It is symbolic of the fact the social  and systemic transformation cannot happen without  personal transformation, which is  best facilitated  by  continuous   exploration, reflection and navigating self and social challenges in relation to  the real world.   

ComMutiny – The Youth Collective (CYC) is working towards building vibrant eco-systems and youth-centric spaces which we call the 5th Space. For CYC, youth includes young people in the age group of 13 to 35.  

The 5th Space is a space that exists beyond and between the 4 legitimate spaces occupied by youth that is Family, Friends, Education / Career and Recreation. These erstwhile spaces for youth are more often than not governed by others, the rules of these spaces and the norms are not set by young people. The 5th Space alternatively is co-governed by youth and the youth facilitators and rejects the instrumentalist view towards young people. It focuses on transforming young people by engaging them in deep self exploration and supporting their social action experiments to become changemakers and awakened active citizens (Jagriks) of their communities, their nations, the planet and the larger Universe.

The 5th Space nurtures social inclusion, holistic development and fosters social hope by promoting feelings of freedom, ownership, love and learning and growth’. A window to the 5th Space is offered in this short spunky animation 18 Till I Die.




Aggregating, Accelerating and Amplifying 5th Spaces forms the core strategy in all the different projects at CYC.


Aggregating 5th Spaces:

Providing think-tank support to youth engaging organizations to strengthen their youth interventions by incorporating 5th Space principles and undertake policy advocacy.

Accelerating 5th Spaces

As part of this strategy, we design a combination of activities and products to enable young people to experience the 5th Space.

Amplifying 5th Spaces:

Employ media and social media interventions to build understanding and public opinion on the rights                and needs of youth participation in self development and social change processes.


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