ComMutiny – The Youth Collective is a coalition of  35 (& rising) youth led and youth engaging organizations across India working towards promoting empowering spaces for youth leadership, called the 5th Space .

The 5th Space experience is central to all the work at CYC.  Our work includes

  • Developing powerful public engagement initiatives and journeys
  • Producing and disseminating research and media products in the field of youth work
  • Building coalitions and collaborations with national and international organisations to strengthen the field.

Vision : Architect and advocate for  youth-centric leadership

Our mission is to facilitate engagement of youth in social change action through building understanding, acceptability and demand for 5th Spaces across stakeholder groups.

Structure: It consists of an inner most circle- CYC hub which facilitates the Collective, the Board members, engaging at a strategic level and a General Body consisting of the leaders of youth centric organisation who co-create and implement the youth programmes.


Architecting, Amplifying and Aggregating 5th Spaces forms the core strategy in all the different projects at CYC.

  • Architecting 5th Spaces: Provide youth-engaging/young-led teams with support to
    • Strengthen individual knowledge and attitudes
    • Strengthen leadership and entrepreneurship skills for social transformation
    • Develop and strengthen their diverse social action initiatives
  • Amplifying 5th Spaces:
    • Employ media and social media interventions to build understanding and public opinion on the rights and needs of youth participation in self development and social change processes
  • Aggregating 5th Spaces:
    • Offer Think-Tank support to youth engaging organizations to strengthen their youth interventions by incorporating 5th Space principles
    • Build Media engagements
    • Undertake policy advocacy.