VOLUNTEERING – Why it should be on every student’s priority list.

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While the idea of volunteering has been around for quite some time, it wasalways received with disapproving looks from parents and seen as an additional

chore by the students. However, with times swiftly changing, volunteering has

grown to be immensely popular and will soon become a trend among the


The million dollar question to ponder over is, WHY. Why is there a sudden rise in

volunteering by students? We believe that the desire to create something

meaningful and to give back to the society is the top reason for any student to

volunteer, but that is just the tip of the iceberg! At a much deeper level, it is

because of the benefits a student reaps that volunteeering has become sought


Below is a list of 5 reasons why we think every student must volunteer atleast

once in their life! Take a look!


Volunteering exposes you to a whole new world of opportunities and at the same

time helps you in honing your existing skills. It teaches you things that can’t be

taught in classrooms. Take for instance, the ability to work in teams – we can’t

stress enough how important that is in today’s job market and volunteering

more often than not, involves working in teams. It brings out new hobbies,

interests, and helps form opinions. You’ll be surprised at how good you’re at

things you have never done and volunteering can give you opportunities to try

all of them out. A volunteering experience can actually help you take a step

forward towards deciding your career!


According to a survey (http://www.chronicle.com/items/biz/pdf/Employers%20Survey.pdf ) conducted

by Chronicle of Higher Education and Public Media’s ‘Marketplace’, “Employers

place more weight on experience, particularly internships, volunteering and

employment during school vs. academic credentials including GPA and college

major when evaluating a recent graduate for employment.”


While applying for a position, without much prior work experience to show to

your employer, volunteering stints could vouch for your all-round abilities;your

ability to organize events, make optimum utilization of the scant resources

available, handling operations, managing people to name a few. Even while

applying for higher studies in foreign countries, we believe these experiences

will surely help you boost your CV.



Volunteering widens your personality horizon by exposing you to different kinds

of situations and environments that will make you “uncomfortable”. It is a

exceptional process that pushes you to your breaking point and helps you

unlearn and discover yourself. Travelling in hard conditions and developing a

resilience, living on meagre resources and discovering your sense of empathy for

people, all these will give you a new and appreciative perspective in life and help

build character.


Volunteering brings together people from diverse fields. Interaction with co-

workers presents an excellent networking scope. It enhances cross-cultural

understanding and develops people skills. We have often heard that lack of

communication skills during interviews and in work places is a common pain

point of most employers, so a volunteering stint might do wonders in this regard!

In the end we’d like to add that when we interact with diverse groups, it helps

widen our own thoughts and ideologies, and so can you.


Going on vacation during some time off is all well and good for a while, but if

you're looking for something adventurous, fulfilling and productive, it would be

an excellent idea to go down the voluntourism route. This allows you to travel to

a hill,a forest or a beach and volunteer for a cause! It's a good way to get to see

your country from a completely different point of view, meet some interesting

people, be independent and assist those who are less fortunate.

So remember, the next time you feel the urge to be productive and contribute to

the ehancement of the society and yourself, just pack your bags and go volunteer.

The longer, the better!


This Blog is written by Anjani Grover , an intern with ComMutiny The Youth Collective. Anjani is a Political Science graduate from Delhi University and aspires to make a career in the development sector. she loves volunteering and therefore is passionate about writing on it.


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