Synergy Sansthan is a non-profit youth led organization.  In 2004 to understand and learn about the community, its founders started to work in slums of Indore  on issues of health, hygiene, education, land right and employment. While reflecting on their own lives they  realized that as people who themselves belonged to poor families, they had not got  adequate opportunities and direction as young people and were inspired to do something in this area. These committed youth formed Synergy in 2006 to eventually work for the disadvantaged social groups like youth, dalits, tribals, women, working children and other deprived classes. They also got incubation support from Changelooms in their early years. Their idea is   to build a collective of good citizens amongst the rural youth with a vision “To create a healthy, educated, free from exploitation, equal harmony and peaceful society”. Now Synergy is working for the  marginalized communities to address their immediate needs and create better access to entitlements and rights. Synergy believes that due to present social and economic scenario youth are running after material satisfaction alone. Young people who come to city to get higher education from rural areas do not want to go back to their own village. They want to earn more and more by serving big corporate and government sectors, instead of serving their own villages.  The core mission is as follows:

  • To promote intensive participatory process for natural resources and local institution development with special emphasis on women, children, poor and marginalized people of unreached and under reached areas.
  • To promote youth development and entrepreneurship  – Since  the  last 8 years from Synergy has established itself well and is working  with youth of 52 Villages  and 15 slums areas on youth development  offering them a self to society journey and giving  them a platform as well as  helping them develop their entrepreneurship skills.
  • To work on Child rights and Bonded labour issues  


Ajay Pandit (Changeloomer 2009-10) belongs to a very small village of Madhya Pradesh which comes under a tribal area Semalda and falls under Dhar District. He grew up in Semalda village and completed his High Secondary Education from there. Later he completed his Senior Secondary education, Graduation & Masters in Social Work from Indore.

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