Based in Hyderabad, Rubaroo was set up in 2013 as an incubation of Pravah by Neha Swain when she had to move from Pravah Delhi to Hyderabad with Changelooms support. She was joined by Monisha, Changeloomer from Anhad Pravah in 2014 and formally registered with 2 more Pravah members on the Board.  Rubaroo aims to build spaces where school and college going young adults are nudged to explore and link their academic learning with realities around them. Both of these need to go hand in hand to make education (and not just schooling) truly democratic, personal and meaningful for any child or adult, as well as for the parents and teachers. Such spaces become critical in their growing-up phase, as adolescents are often handed-down values and beliefs from their family, their friends or other spaces they spend their time with.

Rubaroo believes that change begins by offering a space, where an individual is allowed to challenge and question all that they have known about themselves or have been told about, by people around them. Because only by breaking their own ‘stories’, and challenging them, they unleash leadership within to become conscious decision makers. Rubaroo’s vision is  to Create an inclusive, just, and equitable world where individuals transcend boundaries through a genuine engagement with the self and the society. It works with  the mission of creating a platform, that is a safe and inclusive space for young people to access opportunities of learning and self-development.

  • Rubaroo  is  a member of My Space – My unManifesto   and the Pravah Streaming Collective


Neha Swain worked extensively with adolescentsfrom diverse backgrounds for 3 years as Programme Coordinator of the Adolescent Intervention team at Pravah after which she set  up Rubaroo. She is a certified peer educator of adolescent sexual and reproductive health by Y-PEER and UNFPA. She has done her MSW from DSSW and is an alumnus of Christ College Bangalore.


Monisha is an independent Graphic Designer and did her Bachelors in Design from NIFT, Delhi. She has been involved with Adolescent and Youth Interventions facilitating rural exposures for young people over 5 years and was a core member of the Pravah and CYC team at Delhi in this period. She is also founder member at Anhad Pravah, Indore and leads various advocacy campaigns for youth development through facilitation and social media interventions.

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