‘People for Change’ was started in early 2009 with a vision to create a platform for young people to actively engage them in social issues in East Singhbum district of Jharkhand.

In the first year of its operations, ‘People for Change’ did a rapid assessment of existing youth programmes in the region to discover a dearth of serious, structured interventions with young people in the area. The team from ‘People for Change’ visited more than 50 schools and several NGO functionaries operating in the area to learn about the involvement of youth in Social initiatives in the area. In these visits, most of the principals, teachers and social workers voiced a need to build leadership among young people on social issues and motivate them to take up social action initiatives. The educators expressed their concerns and difficulties involved in mobilizing young people for social action initiatives.

In the same period, a team from ‘People for Change’ was selected for a one year mentorship program as an upcoming social initiative in their ‘Change looms program’ that was conducted jointly by Pravah (Delhi) in association with Asoka Tree, Sir Ratan Tata trust, with the aim of understanding the current youth development initiatives of other NGOs across India. During this phase the team studied the program design and the community mobilization methods of these NGOs. The team also underwent a one year long mentoring and handholding under this program. In the process, the team also participated in a several learning programs with several NGOs working on youth issues from across the nation. In these sessions, the team interacted with more than 12 NGOs and their several youth leaders working in different parts of the country.

Equipped with an understanding of local issues and an understanding of the best practices of NGOs from across the country, ‘People for Change’ started conducting basic life skill and active citizenship programs in schools in Jamshedpur. The program was named We the change. These workshops caught the interest of educators and students alike and they welcomed ‘People for Change’ team to conduct repeat workshops on several issues in 8 schools with around 1200 youth and young adolescents. This program also had an indirect outreach of another 6000 students.


To Know more about People For Change, visit http://peopleforchange.in/