InSIDE-North East a non-profit organization started by Hejang Misao and likeminded friends who grew up in conflict environments with a deep concern about the    violence, injustice and poverty and a passion to do something about it.  They come together to work collectivel  for the betterment of the society in general and the youth in particular with the motto “catch the young for a better gen next”.  InSIDE-North East was awarded the Changelooms incubation support to work  for  a just and peaceful society by being more a platform and less an organization through a strong network with likeminded organizations where empowered people can reclaim their legitimate rights and entitlements to lead a dignified, self-reliant life free from violence. InSIDE-North East would like to achieve its desired future by:

  • Empowering the powerless – building confidence and skills in young people, ensuring their livelihood and helping them connect with what is beautiful in their cultural milieu. They use games, sports and music as powerful instruments to sensitize young people to move away from violence.
  • Promoting women micro-enterprises and entrepreneurship – as medium for empowerment believing that if a mother is empowered the whole family is empowered. 

Jamkhojang Misao finished his MSW and started this initiative in 2013 with a conviction that a drop of contribution will bring an ocean of change. He was brought up in an environment full of violence and conflict. He himself is one of the victims. Pained by the pathetic situation undergone by society especially young people, who sometimes seem’ like sheep without its shepherd’ and women who bore the brunt of the conflict more than any other he began this work

He wants young people to live a dignified and responsible life and for mothers to be financially empowered so the area can limp back to normalcy and peace can prevail.

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