BUS! Stop Discrimination Right Now


बस! Stop Discrimination Right Now is a campaign on wheels that calls on young people to engage, inspire and act on issues of social exclusion. The campaign seeks to address social exclusion through dialogues and engagement in everyday spaces. More often than not social exclusion and identity based discrimination is treated as a social and systemic issue, and efforts to deal with it are structural interventions such as reservations or other rights based policies. Indeed the Constitution belongs to that genre too. While these are necessary, will real change happen unless we are able to make an intervention that changes the hearts and minds of people? This Bus will take young people on experiential journeys to facilitate such a mindset shift.

In all journeys, workshops will be facilitated by experts in the field using a mix of dialogue, simulation and experiential learning exercises. It will help the young person explore him/ her and connect with the issue of social inclusion in a way that the theory is relevant and applicable. The inside of the bus is designed as an exhibition space where the youth traveling in the bus will be able to engage with various media such as:

  1. Poster/photo exhibitions put up on social inclusion
  2. Books/articles and reading material on the theme of social exclusion and inclusion
  3. Curated films that will be specially on social exclusion topics and issues
  4. Music through selected playlists that are centred the ideas of self, identities

The participants can further get involved and take action by taking the message to the larger audience through general public engagement in any form of performing arts, poster/banner making, etc.

The bus is also an amplifier of insights on inclusion that emerge from the ‘Changelooms with.in’ program.

This innovative mobile campaign is being jointly run by ComMutiny-The Youth Collective (CYC), Pravah and Poorest Areas Civil Society (PACS) programme as a part of the Changelooms With.in programme in 2014-2015.

Bus Infographic