In 1993 a wave of violence and rise in communal thinking forced a group of young professionals in their early twenties, to stop observing passively and take action.  What started as a small campaign led in colonies and colleges to mobilize public opinion against the violence through creative mediums like theatre, later began to flow as Pravah. Pravah is now a well regarded name in the field of youth development and has indeed shaped the youth development and leadership field in the country. Some of the Pravah’s key programs are:

  • From Me to We – A life skills and leadership program for adolescents. Has had a cumulative outreach to as many as 15,000 school students through workshops and trainings conducted in 25-30 schools in Delhi and Rajasthan.
  • The World is my Classroom -Pravah has trained 100s of school teachers and educators under this
  • SMILE -More than 10,000 young people have intensively engaged with Pravah’s youth programs and processes. Approximately 100 young people commit 80 hours of volunteering and every year, Pravah clocks approximately 20,000 hours of youth volunteerism in 40 rural NGOs across India.
  • Campaigns – Pravah organizes campaigns on various issues of social change that are designed by school students, youth groups and youth organizations.
  • Pravah Learning Voyages – Runs programs for youth development professionals from international and national organizations. Some landmark programs are 1) Get Real – for deep self awareness 2) Ocean in a Drop – a learning journey for youth work professionals 3) Big Ticket for instruction design and facilitation skills 4) Conflict positive – for educators and lifelong learners 5) PrayaSapna a program for UNFPA teen clubs 6) I have a dream – for American Center Alumnii 7) for Community facilitators of the PACS program and much much more.
  • Pravah Streaming – Pravah is in partnership with many members of the forum and runs joint ventures and campaigns along with offering organizational development and training expertise on developing self to society journeys.


Neha Buch is the CEO of Pravah. After completing her Masters in history from Delhi University, Neha joined Pravah where she was already engaged as a SMILE volunteer. Over the years, Neha took on one leadership role after another and soon became CEO of the direct functions at Pravah in  2013. A real influencer, Neha has engaged with different UN agencies to strengthen their youth centred work and most recently has been involved in the post 2015 process in India as a co convenor of the Youth tract for post 2015. Besides working towards influencing the youth ecosystem, she works directly with adolescents and young people to facilitate their journeys of personal transformation while transforming the real world. This she believes will lead to the creation of a generation of inside – out leaders who connect themselves with the larger world and can take informed value based stances and action. She participated in the US State Department’s International Leadership Visitor Program in 2014.


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