The CYC Forum is a collective of 35 (& rising) civil society organizations on the board and general body of CYC.

Many of these organizations who are part of the CYC Forum are youth-led and youth engaging organisations, who have emerged through CYC-Pravah supported programs, thereby completing a full circle. These members are committed to take the concept of 5th space wherever they go and create 5th spaces in whatever they do.

The primary purpose of the ComMutiny – The Youth Collective Forum is meant to serve as a think-tank space focused on the issues and concerns of the youth sector, as well as a collective platform to promote the 5th Space.

It is a coming together of individuals and organizations based on solidarity and the satisfaction of contributing to something larger. The relationship focuses less on what members can get from the Collective, and will focus more on how we can all contribute to a long-term process that we’ve already begun.

As envisaged, this forum is not centered around one particular organisation’s agenda, models or programmes alone, but for addressing the interests and concerns of the youth sector as a whole.

However, the agenda could sometimes be the Collective’s and at other times the agenda suggested by another member organization or institutional partner may be taken up. Or new agendas may be created keeping the overall aims and objectives of CYC in mind. Regular meetings are organised to create and act on a shared agenda for the CYC Forum.

Features of the CYC Forum space

  • The stress is on collaborative work, shared interests, shared resources, and sharing credit where it is due.
  • The Forum is a space for a diversity of approaches through a foundation of common values.
  • This is also a move beyond programmatic focus alone and for the larger agenda of strengthening the ecosystem for youth development.
  • The Forum has a longer term vision, aligned with the primary purpose of CYC – nurturing 5th Spaces and youth leadership for social change and creating a larger supportive environment by engaging other stakeholders.
  • The Forum helps develop shared understanding and articulation on 5th space work.
  • The Forum helps members come together as a think-tank space enriched by work on the ground.
  • The Forum serves as a general body that will help set the agenda and guide the Collective to take it to a new level.
  • The Forum nominates members to the Board periodically. The nomination of a new member is valid for one year and can be extended by one to two years by the Board.

The current nominees as of April 2018 are:

  • Navendu Mishra ( Co-founder, Agrini)
  • Shilpa Jhawar (Founder, Anhad Pravah)
  • Souvik Saha (Founder, People for Change)
  • Deepjyoti Sonu Bramha (Co-founder , Farm to Food)

Benefits to Collective Members

  • Common approach
  • Collective youth voices
  • Investing in youth facilitators
  • Youth practitioners dialog
  • Strong national footprint
  • Visibility and credibility
  • Extension of hands and feet
  • Joint fundraising
  • Consolidation of best practices