CENTRE FOR SOCIAL EQUITY AND INCLUSION (CSEI) is a policy research and advocacyorganization focused on promoting social equity and inclusion in our body politic by hand holding Community Led Organizations (CLOs) with particular focus on young people and children from socially excluded communities. The focus areas include Education, Entrepreneurship/skill Development and governance related issues. With over two decades of work by its founding members promoting Dalit human rights, CSEI networks with community led organizations (CLOs) from Dalit, Adivasi and Muslim communities to promote socio-economic and cultural rights of socially excluded communities. Education, leadership building, skill building, entrepreneurship and governance matters form the prime pillars to promote equity and inclusion.


Satyendra Kumar a dalit youth comes from a remote village of Bihar and has experienced significant discrimination and had many life changing experiences from his village to his graduation and post graduation days in JNU and TISS.  Early in his life, he had already got a strong belief that he would evolve himself into someone to ensure that dalit youth from remote villages would not face the discrimination and they would be aware and skilled enough to deal with their identity building process and access life changing opportunities.

Satya has worked in different organizations to understand equity –inclusion concerns of children and youth with special focus to education, self-employment/entrepreneurship and governance related issues. During this time, he had worked in Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. He also got experiences and opportunity to get connected to larger Dalit rights campaign and get connected to Dalit Solidarity network in Geneva, Belgium, France and South Africa. He is also associated with several national organizations/networks in all kind of research, designing policy papers, training manuals and conducting workshops with specific focus on social equity and inclusion perspective.

To know more about CSEI, visit http://csei.org.in/