Community Avenue Network (CAN) Youth formerly known as Youngs’ Club is a youth-led NGO based in Dimapur, Nagaland (North East India). Founded with incubation support of Changelooms, and works with the belief that most youth are vulnerable to frustration and rebellion in the society. CAN aims at providing a common platform for drop-outs and focuses on their abilities and interest to equip them with skills in various trades that would help them earn a livelihood. Some of the initiatives of CAN include:

  • Project Care & Hope – an Education project for children infected and affected with HIV/AIDS and affected by drug abuse and alcoholic parents.
  • Discover Positive –  A project for Youth including drop out students and underprivileged Youth, providing vocational & skills training and make them independent life rather than dependent. CAN had provided training on bamboo skill for drop-out students and under-privileged youth of Nagaland Bamboo Resource Centre with Aolembu Longkumer, a recipient of National & Governor’s Award as a trainer.
  • Youth Voluntarism – CAN Youth have now 40 volunteers from different colleges and villages and they are known as Young Agents and engage them in community service. CAN is also supporting some drop-out girls to undergo training on cutting and tailoring, beads work and soft doll making at Prodigals Home Centre. The process includes formation of self-help group and learning marketing techniques.

Jenpu Rongmei (Changeloomer, 2012-13) is the founder and Chief Functionary of Community Avenue Network (CAN).  Jenpu is presently information secretary of Nagaland alliance for child and women Rights


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