Bosco Institute is a Don Bosco Institution, following the educational philosophy and approach of Don Bosco, renowned educator of youth. Established in 2008, it caters to the higher education needs of the North East region, especially in the human service and social development sectors.

The Institute is the first to offer Master in Social Work (MSW) course under Dibrugarh University from 2008. The Institute aims at grooming young people into confident, competent and passionate harbingers of positive change at the individual, community and at the larger societal levels.

It is achieved through an educative process which focuses on the transformation of the person through a combination of inputs, personalised interactions,guided engagement and reflection upon existential realities.

Beyond Academics – BI, a Youth Space!

Bosco Institute  goes beyond being an academic institution to being a youth space, where young people are able to explore themselves and the world they live in and find the connection. In keeping with the Don Bosco tradition, they create an environment that is welcoming, growth stimulating and home-like for the young people who decide make BI their home for the 2 years of their studies and feel so for the rest of their life.

Bosco Institute creates a space and the opportunity for young people to build on their strengths, deal with their fears, help heal the emotional and psychological wounds that stifle some of them, discover their passion, build their dreams, articulate their aspirations and get support for their exploratory ventures.

Father Jerry Thomas is the Director of Bosco Institute in Jorhat (Assam) affiliated to Dibrugarh University. The institute offers a Masters programme in Social Work to prepare professionally sound and socially committed social workers in and around India’s North East.

From 2001 to 2007, Father Jerry was director of the North Eastern Regional Youth Commission where he was responsible for introducing the peace education program for and with youth in all the states of the region.

He has been engaged in youth and social development related activities in the north eastern states of India for the last 25 years.

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