ComMutiny The Youth Collective is an association of youth led and youth engaging organizations across India working towards promoting empowering spaces for youth leadership, called the 5th Space . Our hypothesis is that there are four legitimate ‘spaces’ that young people primarily occupy, namely family, livelihood or education, friends, and leisure. While much of their time is spent in these spaces, more often than not these spaces are not governed by them. Beyond these four spaces, there is another space called ‘The 5th Space’ that young people also occupy, where they truly discover themselves as they engage in social action. It is a space that young people govern and take leadership in. An exciting, adventurous, safe space that equips young people to understand themselves, address conflicts, build cross-border relationships, clarify their values/stances and stand up for their rights as well as those of the larger community.

The 5th Space experience is central to all the work at CYC.  Our work includes

  • Developing powerful public engagement initiatives and journeys
  • Producing and disseminating research and media products in the field of youth work
  • Building coalitions and collaborations with national and international organisations to strengthen the field.

Our mission is to facilitate engagement of youth in social change action through building understanding, acceptability and demand for 5th Spaces across stakeholder groups.


Architecting, promoting and advocating 5th Spaces forms the core strategy in all the different projects at CYC.

  • Architecting 5th Spaces: Provide youth-engaging/young-led teams with support to
    • strengthen individual knowledge and attitudes
    • strengthen leadership and entrepreneurship skills for social transformation
    • develop and strengthen their diverse social action initiatives
  • Promoting 5th Spaces: by
    • Employ media and social media interventions to build understanding and public opinion on the rights and needs of youth participation in self development and social change processes
  • Advocating for 5th Spaces: by
    • Offer Think-Tank support to youth engaging organizations to strengthen their youth interventions by incorporating 5th Space principles
    • Build Media engagements
    • Undertake policy advocacy.